For the finale of the show, there are reams of crepe paper streamers at the top of the theatre seating. The Blue Men themselves and the theatre attendants pull the paper to the first row of seats, and the paper is passed down from row to row towards the front of the stage. It starts at one end of the theatre and eventually envelopes the entire theatre. We were sitting in the middle of the theatre, so we got a chance to watch others do it before it reached us, and it was amazing to watch this river of white crepe paper flowing from the top of the theatre to the stage. When it's your turn, how enveloped you are by the crepe paper will depend on where you are seated. We were seated right along the aisle, so it was hit and miss as far as how much crepe paper we got. If you're seated in the middle of a section, I would expect it would be fairly constant. The river of crepe paper goes on for about 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, there is music playing, images being flashed on the side walls and various other things going on.


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