Do you find yourself on Disney-related discussion boards with no idea why all these people are throwing around letters left and right, but everyone else seems to be able to converse in this manner while you're sitting there scratching your head wondering what IASW and HISTA mean?  Well, wonder no more.  Here's your guide to common Disney-related acronyms, according to me.  (I personally don't use acronyms much.  It's just as easy for me to use shorthands like Space, Pirates, Tiki, Mansion that most people can readily understand, but that's just me.)  Most of the acronyms relate to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim (because that's what I'm most familiar with), but a few others have been thrown in as well.  And for good measure, I've also thrown in a few relating to non-Disney parks and some common internet slang letter combos as well.


Disney-related (theme parks)

101 - the code meaning that a ride has stopped functioning/is not currently in operation

AA - audio animatronics

AK - Animal Kingdom

AO - Astro Orbitor

AP - Annual Passport or person who possesses an annual passport

BB - Blue Bayou Restaurant

BTMR/BTMRR - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

CBJ - Country Bear Jamboree

CM - cast member (person who works for Disney)

CoP - Carousel of Progress

CS - California Screamin'

DCA - Disney's California Adventure

DCL - Disney's Cruise Lines

DEP - Disney's Electrical Parade

DGC - Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

DL - Disneyland, the original in Anaheim

DLH - Disneyland Hotel

DLP - Disneyland Paris

DLR - Disneyland Resort (in Anaheim)

DLRR - Disneyland Railroad

DPPH - Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel

DTD - Downtown Disney (since there's one in California and one in Florida, I personally differentiate them with DTD West [California] and DTD East [Florida] but some clarification should be provided to indicate which one is being referred to)

ECV - electronic convenience vehicle (e.g., motorized wheelchair)

FP - Fastpass

GC - Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

GoH badges - guest of honor badges look like the cast member name tags but are instead red and they come either with pre-printed names or can be customized but there are restrictions to what can be put on the badge

GRR - Grizzly River Run

HISTA - Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

HM - Haunted Mansion

HMH - Haunted Mansion Holiday (when the Haunted Mansion receives its overlay from "The Nightmare Before Christmas")

IASW - It's a Small World

IJA - Indiana Jones Adventure

ITTBAB - It's Tough to be a Bug

JC - Jungle Cruise

KAC - King Arthur Carrousel

MK - The Magic Kingdom

MSEP - Main Street Electrical Parade

ODV - outdoor vending

OTSR - over the shoulder restraints, like those on California Screamin' and Maliboomer

POTC - Pirates of the Caribbean

PS - priority seating (similar to making a reservation)

R2P2 - Redd Rockett's Pizza Port

RnRC - Rock 'N' Roller Coaster

ROA - Rivers of America

SAP - special assistance pass

SM - some people mean Space Mountain and some people mean Splash Mountain; for that reason, I tend to just use "Space" or "Splash" instead

SOC - Soarin' Over California

SOP - standard operating procedure

SSL - Superstar Limo

ST - Star Tours

TDA - Team Disney Anaheim, the yellow administration building

TDL - Tokyo Disneyland

TDS - Tokyo DisneySea

TL - Tomorrowland

TOT - Tower of Terror

TSI - Tom Sawyer Island

WDI - Walt Disney Imagineering

WDW - Walt Disney World

WoD - World of Disney store

WWTBAM - Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Play It


non-Disney theme parks

IOA - Islands of Adventure

SW - Sea World

USF - Universal Studios Florida

USH - Universal Studios Hollywood


internet slang

BTW - by the way

DH - dear husband

FWIW - for what it's worth

FYI - for your information

IMHO - in my humble opinion

IMNSHO - in my not so humble opinion

IMO - in my opinion

J/K - just kidding

LOL - laughing out loud

OTOH - on the other hand

ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLMAO - rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

SO - significant other (e.g., boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse)

TIA - thanks in advance

TTFN - ta ta for now

YMMV - your mileage may vary (in other words, "this is my opinion; yours may be different")



(with thanks to members of the discussion boards, members of the newsgroup alt.disney.disneyland, Lani Teshima of MousePlanet and MonorailMan, a member of MousePad, for their contributions to this list)


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Last updated May 1, 2003.