Disneyland Resort in Anaheim - February 1, 2009 merchandise and decor trip report

We were at the Disneyland Resort on Sunday, February 1, 2009, the morning of Superbowl Sunday, and here's a look at some cool merchandise and decor and just other odds and ends.

There has been a widely circulated belief that Disneyland is practically empty on Superbowl Sunday, so it's a great day to go where you don't have to wait very long in lines for rides. Well, many years ago, that was true, but then what happened is that word spread, and more and more people showed up on Superbowl Sunday to take advantage of the shorter lines, but over the years, the idea of shorter lines is no longer true since the belief is still being spread. We had spent the morning at Disneyland, and at about 12:45pm, we left Disneyland to go over to DCA, and the lines to get into Disneyland were quite long.


Lots of people waiting to get into Disneyland.


The view of the Disneyland lines while waiting in the line to get into DCA.


Above the lines of people, you can see the "What Will You Celebrate?" banners, touting the current promotion.


The "What Will You Celebrate?" theme has permeated itself throughout the park. The iconic front floral has been changed to match the new theme.


The Mickey floral currently sports a party hat with balloons surrounding him on either side.


A closer look at Mickey.


The "balloons" even have white flowers to simulate the reflection of the sun. I love that extra touch.


The lamp posts along Main Street are adorned with decorations as well.


The decorations on one lamp post.


The decoration styles vary on different lamp posts.


The castle in a snowglobe inside the Emporium has also been redecorated for the new promotion.


Many balloons hover over the giant snowglobe.


And inside the snowglobe, there are tiny balloons over the castle as well.


The Showcase building (first store on the right side just at the beginning of Main Street) has been transformed to reflect the current theme, both in decor and merchandise.


What better way to celebrate than with a Mad Tea Party?


Birthdays are fun to celebrate too.


The windows outside Showcase display some of the many occasions to celebrate.


With the new promotion, birthdays are perfect to celebrate at Disneyland this year.


And wouldn't it be fitting to celebrate a wedding at the Happiest Place on Earth?


Or how about a personalized t-shirt to celebrate a birthday or a first visit or a family reunion?


Inside the store, there are a number of different t-shirts that can be personalized with your name to commemorate your Disneyland celebration visit.


Happy Birthday, [insert name here]!


Disneyland is a great place for families to spend time together.


A Star Wars Jedi fan would probably love this shirt.
(T-shirt is available in youth sizes only. Yeah, I know, bummer.)


There are also other non-personalizable merchandise items available as part of the promotion.


Nothing says a Disneyland celebration more than confetti, and now, you can wear it around with you everywhere!


The front of the cute new balloon antenna topper (which mostly looks like Mickey ears attached to the top of an Easter egg antenna topper).


The back of the cute new balloon antenna topper.


Mickey plush for the celebration - I love the cute saying on his t-shirt.


Birthday Minnie plush comes with her own balloon.


It's not just merchandising that's taking part in the celebration - foods has joined in as well.


A special drink offer for annual passholders.
(The hat designs on the cup are duplicated in the flower holders that decorate the lamp posts of Main Street.)


New confetti-adorned candy apples and the ever popular Mickey ones.


And now, even Minnie has joined the candy apple line-up.


A cute new drink mug has been released, this one celebrating Space Mountain. I hope there will be subsequent ones in the series depicting different rides.


The front of the mug shows Donald's nephews happily enjoying the ride...


while Donald himself is tumbling through space.


Even the napkins have been changed.


There's also a flyer located in various locations that detail different celebratory offerings that can be purchased as well.


The front of the flyer.


The back of the flyer. For a larger version of the back of the flyer, please click here.


Disneyland has merchandise to celebrate more traditional occasions as well, including Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.


The front of the cupid Mickey roundie plush.


He's even got little wings in the back.


The new cupid Mickey roundie plush is based on this antenna topper which was released in January 2008.


A new Valentine-themed antenna topper.


Pie-eyed Mickey and Minnie for St. Patrick's Day are sold as a pair.


And there's yet more new merchandise available.


A front and back view of a wedding antenna topper that's actually been available for a little while now.


2009 Mickey plush sports stylin' lime green pants.


This t-shirt available at the newly-named Fortuosity Store (formerly known as the watch shop) is really cute.


This is a beautiful new license plate frame.


Barker Mr. Potato Head plush. Too bad they didn't make him with velcro or at least fabric-sticky parts so that you could attach his mouth and eyes and ears and such to his body, just like the regular version.


Oddly enough, he comes with a velcro-detachable back flap. I think it would have been less weird if there was actually a pouch back there to keep his bits.




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