Disneyland Resort in Anaheim - July 27, 2007 Halloween merchandise trip report

Halloween has come to the Disneyland Resort early this year! Last year, Halloween merchandise and decorations made their appearance around the middle of August, but it's still July for a couple of days yet this year.

The incredibly cute Mickey votive holders that were introduced last season are apparently making a return appearance. They sold out pretty early last year, so I hope they knew to make more this time.


Front and back of the Mickey votive set.


The Mickey o'lantern candle holder has also returned.


This item from last year is back in stock.


There was a Mickey o'lantern trick-or-treat container last year (which may still show up again this year), but a new trick-or-treat container is available this year.


What kind of candy does Jack like?


Two Pooh Halloween figurines were included in the display, and I'm not sure if they're new, and I would expect they're not exclusive to the parks, but I still thought they were cute.


Pooh and Piglet are ready for tricks and treats.


Count Tigger is more cute than scary.


In the last year or so, Disney has released a number of items in the roundie plush line. Now comes a new one for Halloween. It's the smaller size version, about the same size as Mike Wazowski and the ones released during Christmas 2006, and it's made of the stretchy material rather than being fuzzy like a stuffed animal.


Roundie Mickey o'lantern plush.


But now we come to my favorite new item. Disney has released quite a number of antenna toppers and you can find one for just about every season, but as the years go by, what new ideas can they come up with? Well, this year for Halloween, they've hit the jackpot.


Candy corn antenna topper with Mickey ears.
(Better keep this a secret from Heimlich!)


There was a lot of Halloween merchandise released last year, but it's still only July, so there's plenty of time for more cool things to be released and/or re-released. These items were found in the side room of the China Closet, just behind Photo Corner. Most of the items could also be found at World of Disney.

I can't wait for Halloweentime to return to the Disneyland Resort!


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