Disneyland Resort in Anaheim - September 23, 2006 trip report

We arrived at the resort at about 8:30am for a merchandise release. The line to get into the parking structure was fairly long since only a few lanes were open. It's always baffled me why the signs outside the structure tell you to use all lanes, but as soon as you enter the structure, cones are laid out to severely curtail the number of available lanes, but there aren't always cones to block out the closed lanes. There are lights that show you which lanes are open (green for open, red for closed), but you can't see the lights until you're well into the structure, so those lights are mostly useless. And for some inexplicable reason, some people pull into lanes that are obviously closed and then expect to be able to cut into the next open line. If there was a light for each lane at the entrance of the structure to indicate whether the lane was open or closed, you would automatically know which lanes you could use. Seems simple enough to me.

We got on the tram for our normal ride, but it wasn't such a normal ride! The autumn fairies have been out and about decorating the tram route. The first display is immediately on the right side, right underneath the Disneyland Drive overpass. The second and third decorations are on the left side shortly after that. I expect this is just a taste of what's in store for the entire resort, and I can't wait until Halloweentime actually begins!


The first display, on the right, under the overpass.


A close-up of Minnie and Mickey.


A close-up of Donald.


A close-up of a bat topiary.


The first display on the left.
Note the fall-colored flowers that create a border.


A close-up of the first part of the display.


A close-up of the second part of the display.


A close-up of Pluto.


The second display on the left.


The signs for early entry were still up but the gates were already also open to regular park gates to enter Main Street. There was a sign prominently displayed in the middle of Main Street with information for early arrivers.


Things to do early in the morning.


All of the 50s and Tinkerbells and planters had been removed from the Main Street streetlamps and the 50 had been removed from the train station facing Main Street, but the 50 on the train station facing the front entrance was still up. The Blue Ribbon Bakery and the Carnation Cafe sign were both decorated with cornucopia and other fall decorations and colors.

We spent a few hours at the merchandise release and then we headed out of the park at about 12:30. Apparently, a whole lot of people were picking that time to arrive at the resort. There was a huge line to get through bag check, with two stations open at the time. As we exited, they were just opening up another bag check station.


A long line to get through bag check.


The crowd bunches in as another bag check station is opened.


We also noticed someone with a spiffy new Halloween balloon. We hadn't noticed a vendor with the balloon while we were in the park, but it's a really cute balloon. I expect it'll sell very well.


New vampire Mickey balloon.


We left the resort at that point, and in between running errands, we stopped for lunch at Taal, a restaurant in Fullerton just off the 57 at Nutwood that serves Indian cuisine. They have a luncheon buffet for $7.99 (the price on the website is incorrect), and we enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Definitely somewhere we'll be returning to.


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