Disneyland Resort in Anaheim - October 30, 2005 trip report

Even though we actually went on two rides today (HMH twice - still love the wreath gingerbread house and finally saw the hitchhikers and Zero in the ballroom - and Buzz Lightyear) and saw the Parade of Dreams (I still adore that Lion King float), this trip report has nothing to do with attractions or parades. Just some notes about other things.

Christmas comes to Disneyland

It's the day before Halloween, and Christmas has already arrived at Disneyland. (All of the Halloween decorations and spooky character vignettes in the World of Disney have already been removed.) Christmas decorations are already up in New Orleans Square, and the Court of Angels is especially decked out for the holidays.


New Orleans Square decorated for the holidays.


The Court of Angels always looks breathtaking in its holiday finest.


The bookstore right behind the watch shop on Main Street has been turned into a Christmas store, and the outside window (which faces Carnation Cafe on the walkway to the restrooms), which had previously displayed Snow White and most recently was decorated for Halloween, has also been decorated for the holidays.


Christmas also comes to Main Street.


The Bookstore is now the Christmas store.


Lots of Christmas items for sale.


Lots of new Christmas merchandise can be found in the Christmas store and around the resort. There's a new batch of Christmas character plush, both in smaller sizes and in larger sizes (the smaller sizes are musical, the larger sizes are musical and also light up) and even a 2005 dated t-shirt.


Dated small Christmas plush.


Goofy is musical too.


Pooh and Eeyore celebrate the holidays.


Even cats and elephants enjoy the holidays.


Large Mickey and Minnie dressed in their Victorian wear.


Pluto's nose lights up.


Eeyore's nose lights up too.


Stitch trying to be angelic.


2005 holiday t-shirts.


Donald and Daisy join the Victorian ornament line.


The Christmas store even has non-Disney Christmas items for sale.


Chicken Little comes to the resort

Chicken Little has also made his presence known. In addition to looking out from inside DCA's entrance, Chicken Little merchandise has arrived at the Emporium on Main Street and at the World of Disney.


The front of the display includes a talking Chicken Little plush.


Disney park exclusive plush.


Antenna toppers, keychains and action toys.


The antenna topper is cute and squishy.


At the World of Disney, there is also a window display dedicated to Chicken Little assuming other personas. The display is in the window right next to the far entrance to the World of Disney, the one furthest from the park entrances and right next to the newly-opened Anne Geddes store.


The Chicken Little window display.


Chicken Little as The Fly.


This little one is on top of the transformation pod.


Chicken Little as The Tick.


Super Chicken! (How many of you can sing the song?)


Chick Cousteau.


A sand creation of Chicken Little.


Cool pool chick.


Buzz Lightyear's poultry cousin?


They're heeeeeere! (But he's not actually facing the television...)


Chicken sushi chef.


Sorceror Chickey.


I think this one is creepy.


Chicken Little for president?


The "resistance is futile" card seems to tie this into Star Trek's Borg, but it reminds me more of the Toy Story toy myself.


Witch chick.


Surfer chick.



Mini beanbag plush of Mickey and Minnie dressed for Thanksgiving were released, with Minnie's pie scented.



Disney recently released a number of round plush, including a set with the 100 Acre Woods characters.


Pooh plush roundie.


Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet roundies.


A Jedi Mickey and Yoda action figure had previously been released and is now back in stock.


Jedi Mickey helps Yoda fight the dark side.


Some cool new Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise has also been released and is available both at Le Bat En Rouge in New Orleans Square and at Disneyana on Main Street.


This is a very nice piece.


Jack and Sally big fig at $175. The pumpkins light up.


In the entrance walkway to the Grand Californian from Downtown Disney, there are window displays advertising various things at the resort. The window that used to advertise the Happiest Birthday celebrations has now been changed to display the 50th anniversary commemorative plates which are available at various dining locations.


Perhaps the plates aren't selling well?


Happy Hallowgivingmas!



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