Disneyland Resort in Anaheim - November 16, 2007 - new big figs, holiday castle lighting and miscellaneous

We had occasion to be at the resort and noticed that a new big fig had been released, that of Minnie Mouse dressed as Mary Poppins in her Jolly Holiday outfit riding a carousel horse. There's a mechanism on the back that you can turn which starts "Jolly Holiday" to play.


Minnie Poppins big fig.


A big fig of Sleeping Beauty Castle which had been released earlier this year as part of an event has now made its way for public sale. The big fig is almost a replica of the castle big fig that was released during the 50th event, except without the crowns and other 50th trappings.


Sleeping Beauty Castle big fig currently in release.


Sleeping Beauty Castle big fig released at the 50th event.


Reports had been that Sleeping Beauty Castle itself had been decorated this year with snow for the holidays. We weren't able to see the castle in the daytime yet, but we did see it at night, all lit up.


It's a bit brighter than I care for.


I prefer the view from Fantasyland, where you can see the
snow effects better without all the glaring lights.


And this is left over from my visit on October 31, 2007, but there was apparently a Halloween balloon available this year.


Princesses in a castle don't really scream "Halloween" to me.



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