Disneyland Resort in Anaheim - November 18, 2006 trip report

This is a very short trip report, mostly just to mention two new breakfast locations at the resort.

We happened to be near Cafe Orleans at park opening, and I noticed that people were being seated. I hadn't recalled any mention of breakfast being served at Cafe Orleans, so later in the morning, we went by to find out more information. Apparently, Cafe Orleans started serving breakfast earlier this week. They start serving at 8am (or park opening) on weekends and 10am on weekdays. They serve breakfast until about 11:30. We were standing there at about 11:45am when they changed the sign outside the restaurant (near the check-in podium) from the breakfast menu to the lunch menu.


The breakfast menu at Cafe Orleans.
"Monte Cristo" French Toast?


Cafe Orleans' breakfast kids menu.


Later in the day, we were at Pacific Wharf Cafe in DCA and noticed a sign advertising their breakfast items. I'm not sure how long they've been serving breakfast.


Breakfast options at Pacific Wharf Cafe.


And not a breakfast item, but they're apparently making more "themed" sourdough breads. They had a pumpkin for Halloween, and they now have a turkey-shaped one for Thanksgiving. This is available at the refreshment cart next to P.T. Flea's and Sam Andreas Shakes.


"Turkey" sourdough bread.


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