Disneyland Resort in Anaheim - December 10, 2006 trip report

This will be a quick trip report, mostly to get a few pictures up.

A friend had not yet had the chance to see the Christmas decorations this year, so we met up with her for a visit. Our first task was to drop by Haunted Mansion Holiday to get a Fastpass before heading off to lunch. She hadn't been to French Market since their new holiday menu started, so that was decided as the place for lunch. The line was fairly long, but since both sides were open, the line moved along. Since I had previously had the ghoulash and liked it, and I knew that it wouldn't be around for long, I decided to have that again. Our friend loves pumpkin and squash, so she decided to have the chicken since it came with a slice of squash on the side. I hadn't been to French Market since October 8, and a change in the presentation of the two holiday dishes was apparently implemented sometime in the intervening two months. The two new entrees had previously just been put in a regular serving bowl, but this time, they came in plastic bowls that sat in a souvenir Zero bowl, similar to the Zero bowls that were available in 2004. The portion size is smaller in the Zero bowl than it was in a regular bowl.


Ghoulash in the Zero bowls, with the front and back of the bowls shown.
Zero's ears wrap from the front to the back, where his name is written.


Here's how the ghoulash looked from October 1.
(Yes, I got the pumpkin pie dessert last time too.)


I carried our bowls around for a bit afterward before I was able to get a bag to put them in, and quite a number of people asked me where I bought the dish. I directed them all to French Market - the bowls were definitely a hit.

The ghoulash was still just as good. Our friend had the chicken dish and found the chicken to be a bit on the dry side. The three of us shared the pumpkin pie and chocolate mousse cake, which was heavenly.


Anyone want some chocolate cake?


The French Market has been running a promotion wherein for each purchase over a certain amount ($20 or $30 - I can't remember which it is this year), you get a "faces of Jack" (Skellington, not Sparrow) coin, and each week, a different coin face (happy, sad, mad, whatever) is released. Some are cute, some are weird, some are ?


This is apparently Jack's Grinch face.


After lunch, we went to use our Haunted Mansion Holiday Fastpasses and then headed over to see how Critter Country was decorated. We had seen the really cute heffalump decorations last year and hoped they had returned.

They had indeed!


Santa's heffalump helpers.


Heffalump elves?


Pooh Corner is decorated as well.


Ornaments on a tree in Pooh Corner.


Oh, there's the honeypot that's dripping on the other ornaments.


A Christmas present left at the entrance of Splash Mountain.


We wandered through parts of the rest of the park to look at other decorations and for our friend to do some shopping. We were a bit surprised to already find some Valentine's merchandise. There are complementary Mickey and Minnie beanies, with Mickey holding a flower behind him and Minnie holding a balloon (or a box of chocolates - I couldn't really tell which) behind her, but the way they have their hands tied behind their backs make them look a bit odd.


The front of the beanies.


The backs of the beanies.


Nothing says Valentine's Day like having your hands tied behind your back...


Merry Christmas!



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