Goofy's Playhouse, Toontown, Disneyland - March 2006

Goofy's house in Toontown which formerly housed Goofy's Bounce House, a play area for kids 3 years of age and over but no taller than 52 inches, has been changed to Goofy's Playhouse, which serves as a playland for the younger set but with many clever design features.


The sign at the entrance.


A closer view of the sign.


No, children do not have to be wearing Mickey ears to enjoy Goofy's Playhouse.


Goofy is apparently quite the farmer, with many signs of his handiwork evident.


A unique plant grows near the entrance.


This is what Goofy is growing here.


What a plentiful crop!


A bounty of Goofy's home-grown goodies is displayed in his front garden.
The flat produce is squash...


Hmmm, what interesting bell peppers.


Not a pumpkin patch but more like a jack o'lantern patch.


Goofy still needs to put this plant in the ground.


Oh, so that's where Goofy shops for his greenery.


The back yard is useful not just for planting but also for airing out laundry.


The bouncy flooring in the yard area which cushions falls of little ones resembles a bark and twig covered ground. The yard area itself contains a number of different things to amuse the kids.


Where can I get some of this to put in my back yard?


There are two of these crate crawl-throughs.


A giant watermelon is also fun to crawl through.


The inside of the watermelon crawl-through shows details like seeds.


A giant carved pumpkin is also a nice resting spot for little ones.


The back side of the pumpkin.


The main feature of the play yard is a short slide.


The entrance into the slide.


The front of the slide.


Children enjoying the slide.


The side of the slide.


The slide and two of the crawl-throughs are ostensible made from crates that were used for packing Goofy's harvests. Goofy apparently grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.










There are also benches along the edges of the play yard, and there is only one entrance/exit to the play yard.


A general view of the layout of the yard.


Another view.


A curled-up hose sits at the entrance to the house.


Upon entering Goofy's house, there are also many interesting things to look at.


Goofy's cabinet.


The piano plays some really goofy notes.


An arm chair in the living room.


Goofy seems to use the second story of his house as storage space.


An umbrella hangs from the second floor.


A kite seems to have gotten into the house somehow.


Yes, that really was a Christmas tree you saw.
Note the bowling pin and milk jug in the railing.


Goofy also has some interesting decorations on his walls.


That mitt isn't going to be very useful with that big hole in it.


Goofy apparently enjoys hunting as well.


Wonder who those shorts belong to...


A little target practice?


You're going to need a bigger boat.


A fire extinguisher is cleverly housed inside.
Note the baseball stitching around the edges.



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Last updated March 20, 2006.