meet - July 18, 2004

The annual meet held by was held this year on July 18 instead of July 17, and for the first time, the meet was held indoors (which was much appreciated given the heat and humidity that day) and included lunch with the admission price charged to cover the cost of the event.

The meet was held from 3pm to 5pm in the former location of Hollywood and Dine in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of Disney's California Adventure. After we checked in and entered, we were given a packet by Disneyland Ambassador Becky Murphy with lots of goodies, including two special buttons. Our group chose one of many prettily decorated tables and settled in.


Happy Birthday, Disneyland!


The 2004 LP meet button.


The tables decorated with balloons, party hats and confetti.


Once everyone was settled in, everyone was invited to partake of the food, which had been laid out buffet style and included the following: potato salad, rolls, beans, rice, vegetarian lasagna, tri tip, a beverage bar and individual cupcakes for dessert. The food looked and tasted delicious, and everyone enjoyed their meals.


Lunch is served.


Time for lunch!


The table with all the decorated cupcakes.


The center decoration on the cupcake table.


The cupcakes were either vanilla or strawberry flavored and were decorated with chocolate frosting and a figurine of Sorcerer Mickey. Each cupcake came in its own kid's meal lunchbox with a comic involving the Tower of Terror. The cupcakes were tasty, and the figurine and lunchbox made for great souvenirs.




The comic on the outside of the lunchbox.


After lunch, other fun festivities took place, capped by the introduction of two very special guests. One of the co-owners of the got up to mention that two very special people who had long been associated with the Disney organization were in attendance, and she'd let them introduce themselves. A man and woman stood in the center of the room, and everyone was quiet, not knowing what to expect. (We had happened to have run into the co-owner earlier in the day, and she had mentioned the two special guests, so since we knew what was about to happen, it was fun to watch other people's reactions.) The man started to speak, and there was an audible collective gasp around the room as the realization hit that the man and woman were Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, the voices of Mickey and Minnie themselves. They had some lovely words to say to the group, and the group in turn burst into applause. As the festivities wound down, it turned into an impromptu meet and greet for Wayne and Russi, as they graciously met with the line of people that had formed to speak to them and take pictures with them and express their appreciation. As the meet drew to a close, our gift as we exited was another cool pin commemorating the meet.


Thanks again, Dave!


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