Muppet Mobile Lab at Disney's California Adventure - March 4, 2007

I'd heard about the Muppet Mobile Lab making an appearance at DCA so we made it a point of seeing them since a newspaper article had mentioned they'd be going back for more research and testing after today. We saw them for a few minutes, and they were really fun to see. It wasn't a "show" per se - it was really just testing and being able to marvel at what the audio animatronics could do. Beeker mostly did his own kind of talking and pedaled his bike on occasion. His head popped up and down. Honeydew was pretty impressive with the range of movement of his head. The crowd seemed to really enjoy it. There were various times when Honeydew squirted water and shot out confetti. The husband said he saw three places on the device where he saw cameras, which is how Honeydew "sees".

The lab came out of the area by Muppetvision 3D and wandered around the street in front of the Animation Building. Here are some pictures of the lab on the street.









I liked the little touches of sayings on the device (e.g., "requires 4 AAA batteries").







The sign on the side of the vehicle normally said "MUPPET MOBILE LAB", but it could change to display other sayings as well by flipping the letters.




Because the lab was still in its testing stage, it did still have the occasional glitch. In the time that we saw them, Honeydew did have one. He just started saying something else all of a sudden, something about having to leave I think. And then he was silent for a second, and then he said sorry about that, he just had a stroke. The crowd laughed.

As much as I liked watching them, I was mostly just really jealous that they were able to ride a Segway. We did the Segway tour of Epcot when we were in WDW in early January, and I absolutely loved it.



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