Plaza Inn birthday party - July 17, 2002


I met my group in front of Plaza Inn, and after checking in, our group of about 40 was let in along with the other people who had 3:30 reservations.  As we entered the sectioned-off area, they handed us party hats, which are Sorcerer Mickey hats with Mickey ears and the words "Happy Birthday" on the hat.  We gathered at adjoining tables, waiting for the festivities to begin.  The Plaza Inn party started with the host Pat E. Cake who sings songs and leads everyone along.  We were given small sipper cups with punch, and the sipper cups have the Happy Birthday logo with Sorcerer Mickey and the Disneyland Resort logo.  Very cute.  They then brought out individual birthday cakes for each of us using the Mousekemeal Mickey plastic plate.  The cake was in the bigger circle, and one ear had three cups of frosting (yellow, red and blue, I think - I forget exactly), and the other ear had other candy decorations, including colored sprinkles, mini M&Ms and little confetti candy shaped into Mickey heads!  Those were so cute.  Everyone was invited to decorate their individual cakes.  Once everyone was done and enjoying their cakes, CMs came around offering more punch or water.  They also passed out birthday stickers and birthday buttons, but instead of the normal birthday buttons, they actually passed out the DL birthday buttons that CMs were wearing, which says "Disneyland park and I are celebrating a birthday today!  July 17, 2002".  I thought that was very cool.  [Correction added later:  birthday buttons are not normally given out.  The person celebrating a birthday gets the same birthday sticker obtainable at City Hall.]  At a cost of $10 per person, I definitely thinks it's worth it.  As we were enjoying our birthday cakes, the special visitor arrived, and it was Cynthia Harris.  The birthday girl had invited her to the celebration, and she had accepted the invitation, so it was really great to see her there and be able to speak to her for a few minutes.  She made her way to everyone at the birthday celebration and was signing autographs and having her picture taken for quite some time, and as I understand it, even sang "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl.  I thought it was really nice for her to have come.


An excerpt from the July 17, 2002 trip report.


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