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You enter the gates of Disneyland and pass under the railroad tracks into Town Square, with the majestic flagpole in the middle.  City Hall stands to your left and the Opera House (featuring Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln) stands to your right.  As you pass through Town Square, you walk down Main Street, with the various shops on either side of the street.  Directly in front of you is Central Plaza, or as better known by Disneyland regulars, The Hub.  With the exception of Toontown and Critter Country, you can get to every land by way of this roundabout.  In the middle of the roundabout is an island containing benches, flowers, trees, and various statues.  In the middle of it all stands Walt, pointing down Main Street, with Mickey by his side.  Forming an outer circle around Walt and Mickey are eight smaller statues of eleven characters.  Standing closest to Sleeping Beauty Castle (behind Walt and Mickey) are Donald and Minnie.  To Walt's and Mickey's left in the direction of Tomorrowland are Pinocchio/Jiminy Cricket and Dumbo/Timothy.  To Walt's and Mickey's right in the direction of Adventureland/Frontierland are Chip & Dale and White Rabbit.  Standing in front of Walt and Mickey are Goofy and Pluto.

Here's a diagram of the above configuration:


[Sleeping Beauty Castle]


Donald                                Minnie


Chip & Dale                                        Walt                                   Pinocchio/Jiminy


White Rabbit                                      Mickey                                Dumbo/Timothy


Goofy                                Pluto














In a tradition popularized in the early days of the usenet newsgroup alt.disney.disneyland (a.d.d.), Disneyland regulars would meet on Sunday at noon at The Hub, usually by the Goofy statue.  (Thanks to Tim C. for inviting me to my first Noon Meet.)  Over the years, as attendance at the a.d.d. Noon Meet grew larger and larger, the group usually congregated on the bench between Goofy and White Rabbit, extending even to the seating area that surrounds Walt and Mickey.  The meet then tended to be located closer to White Rabbit then Goofy, to stay out of the way of tourists having their pictures taken in front of Walt and Mickey.

The first a.d.d. meet was on June 4, 1994, organized by someone who didn't actually end up attending for some reason.  The plan had been to meet at noon at the plaque outside It's a Small World and look for someone with a red balloon.  Apparently, balloons weren't yet being sold that early in the day, it was very hot that day with no shade there, and anyone who was late had to run all the way back there to try to meet up with the rest of the group.  It was quickly decided to change the location of the next meet to The Hub.  (Thanks to a long-time former a.d.d. member for contributing that information.)

The location of the Noon Meet has moved a bit depending on circumstances.  When Disney saw fit to take away the regular bench, the meet moved a few feet away to the benches near Chip & Dale and White Rabbit.  One summer, when Disney saw fit to severely trim back the trees above the regular bench, therefore taking away any shade and subjecting the area to the beating sun, the meet moved to the bench between Pluto and Dumbo or the bench between Chip & Dale and Donald.  Regardless of the exact location of the meet, and except for the very first a.d.d. meet, the Noon Meet always centered around The Hub.  Except for rainy days, of course, in which case, the meet was moved indoors, to Coke Corner.

The Noon Meet was a good way of meeting and hanging out with other Disney fans.  Either directly or indirectly as a result of the Noon Meet, many friendships, business partnerships, relationships and even marriages developed.

As the years passed, various a.d.d. regulars embarked on various ventures, and many no longer even participated on a.d.d., but the Noon Meet still persisted.  Nowadays, it's no longer the a.d.d. Noon Meet - it's just the Noon Meet at The Hub.  Some of the old regulars still attend the meet, though the nature of the meet has changed, and newbies have grown accustomed to stopping by the Noon Meet as well.

So on any given Sunday, holiday or July 17 (Disneyland's birthday), you can expect to see any number of attendees at the Noon Meet at the Hub.



Presiding over everything in the middle of the Hub are Walt and Mickey, the Partners Statue.



Goofy (to the left) and Pluto (to the right) are the first to greet you upon approaching The Hub.



The White Rabbit leads the way to Frontierland while Dumbo and Timothy lead the way to Tomorrowland.



Chip & Dale are across from the White Rabbit while Pinocchio and Jiminy keep Dumbo company.



Donald (to the left) and Minnie (to the right) are right in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


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