Wizard Acrobats (DCA) - February 9, 2002 review

As we were eating at the Avalon Cove Bar, we noticed a group getting ready to perform at the amphitheatre across the way that's kind of by where Golden Dreams plays.  We had a great view from where we sat so ended up watching their entire show.  We found out later that the group is called Wizard Acrobats.  It's a troupe of 5 people who do various acrobatic moves, individually and together.  At one point, they pulled out a limbo stick and had kids from the audience participating.  It wasn't a real contest - most of the kids just ducked under the stick as it got lower - it was just fun for everyone, and the kids seemed to have a great time.  (As the show progressed, we noticed that more and more people had stopped to watch the show.)  After the limbo with the kids, one of the troup members himself repeatedly limboed under the stick as it progressively got lower and lower to the ground.  One of the troupe members also did a balancing act with various wooden chairs.  One member was so limber that he could be bent completely in half backwards.  The finale was when the troupe make various figures with the entire group.  Very cool.  I highly recommend catching this show.


An excerpt from the February 9, 2002 trip report.


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