Hook's Pointe - dinner - April 2, 2004

We'd been to this restaurant a few times before, twice for dinner and once for lunch, but none were recent visits. We'd enjoyed our meals there for the most part, so when we found ourselves at the resort on a Friday night meeting with friends, we decided to have dinner there again, especially since none of our friends had been there before. The restaurant does take reservations, but when we walked up at about 7:45pm, there was no wait, and we were quickly taken to a table. Ironically, we were taken to the exact same table we'd had on our previous dinner visit. The only difference is that we had fewer people this time, and the neighboring table wasn't nearly as close to our table as last time, so our table worked out fine. It's an oval table in a corner booth, so it's a bit difficult for the runners to get to the people sitting in the back, which was a problem on our last visit because our group occupied the entire table. This time, because there were only five of us, and all of us sat facing the restaurant, there wasn't the same problem.

I'd been thinking about going back to the restaurant since it had been a while since we'd been there, but as I perused the menu, I realized why we hadn't. The menu is fairly limited, with a few fish dishes, a few seafood dishes, a couple of steak dishes, one chicken dish and two pasta dishes, along with an assortment of soup and salad offerings. There wasn't a lot on the menu that interested me that much, which would probably account for our not having been at the restaurant much. I decided to try the seafood chowder as a starter and the grilled prawns as the main course.

The seafood chowder was quite good, with lots of clams in it, and not itty bitty clams either. For anyone who likes seafood chowder, I would definitely recommend it. A few of the others at the table had the side caesar salad and enjoyed that.

When the entrees arrived, I was a bit surprised when mine was brought. When I'd read "grilled prawns" on the menu, I definitely didn't expect 5 or 6 (I forget how many) HUGE prawns. The dish came with mashed potatoes and vegetables as well. The prawns were very nicely seasoned, with a slightly spicy flavor, but more from the abundance of pepper rather than from hot sauce. There was collectively quite a bit of meat from all the prawns. I was very pleasantly surprised by my meal. Two of the others at the table ordered the "surf and turf" and enjoyed those dishes. Another person ordered the chicken on risotto and enjoyed that dish. Another person went light with the seasoned tomatoes appetizer, which looked quite good. For dessert, my husband and I shared the chocolate cake souffle, which was quite good.

All in all, it was a very pleasant dinner. Our server was very good, as were the busboys, and our plates were quickly taken away as we were done with them, and our drinks were often refilled. Service had been a bit lacking on our last visit, and we had wondered whether it was because most of the group was on a dining package (in connection with the Blast! show that was then performing at DCA), so we had a prix fixe menu, and the staff had known exactly how much we had spent on our pre-paid dinner. I don't know if we just got a less-than-great server that night or if it was just a fluke, but the service was definitely good this time, and everyone was very friendly.

Because of the limited menu, I don't expect that we'll find ourselves there very often, but I would definitely recommend the restaurant for a nice meal.


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