Rainforest Cafe - dinner - May 26, 2002

After a full day at the resort, our group decided to have dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Getting to the entrance at 6pm on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the wait for walk-up patrons was about 2 hours. Luckily, with my Safari Club card, we ended up only waiting for about half an hour. There seems to be no information on their website, which I find odd since the program is in effect. Here is information from the brochure: "Rainforest Cafe Safari Club" - With a membership in our Safari Club you will receive unprecedented access to the world of Rainforest Cafe. Your journey begins here with a completed enrollment form. Give the completed enrollment form and the enrollment fee to any crewmember and within four to six weeks you will receive a permanent membership card and more information on the club. Each time you visit Rainforest Cafe, show your card to the Safari Guide. The more you use your card the more benefits you are entitled to receive. Sign up today and begin receiving your privileges."

What that means in English is that there's a $15 enrollment fee to join the club. You get a paper temp card right away and then when everything is processed, you'll get a plastic card in the mail along with a $10 gift certificate good at any Rainforest restaurant. Usually, on your birthday, they'll send you a gift certificate ($5 or $10 - I forget which) as well. I'm not sure what happens with the points you rack up when you visit. There's no set list of things you get like I've seen with other theatre/restaurant club cards. The best thing about the card, imo, other than the 10% discount on food (and maybe merchandise - I forget), is that without a reservation, you can walk up to the blue elephant (reception desk), show them your card, and then for a party of no more than 6, you'll get quicker seating than regular walk-ups. It's a huge convenience if you're near a Rainforest Cafe and apt to go on a regular basis and don't want to have to endure the often-long lines. I got my card when the Rainforest at DTD Anaheim was opened. If you know ahead of time that you'll be visiting, you can call the location at least 24 hours in advance for a reservation, regardless of whether you're a Safari Club member.

On most of our previous visits, we have ended up sitting upstairs, but this time, we got a table downstairs. The restaurant is themed to its title, with lots of animatronic animals around (being extremely frightened of snakes, there is one section by the entrance that I have to avoid as there is an animatronic snake that attacks from the ceiling), and the tables are decorated with pictures of various animals as well. Periodically, a rainstorm will strike.

I've never had a bad experience any of the times I've been to a Rainforest Cafe. (The only other location I've been to is at the Downtown Disney in Florida.) I've been to this location about half a dozen times and have always had good service and good food. There is a wide variety of selections available on the menu.

Rainforest also offers a breakfast menu, served until 10:30am every day. I've been to the breakfast once and enjoyed it very much.


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