Y Arriba Y Arriba - lunch - May 5, 2001

My husband and I had a very late lunch at Y Arriba Y Arriba today.  We've been to the Catal Tapas Bar and absolutely loved it, so when we'd previously browsed the Y Arriba menu outside, it looked interesting as well and we wanted to try it sometime.

We got there around 2:30 and as I would expect at that time, it wasn't very crowded.  There is upstairs and downstairs seating, with a stage and band-staging area on the first floor.  Our first ordered dish was the mixed ceviche, which had, I believe, four different kinds of seafood.  My husband absolutely loves ceviche, and I've tried it when he's ordered it elsewhere and rather liked it myself.  What they brought, however, wasn't quite what we'd expected.  It was in a martini glass and black.  Even though we figured out that the coloring was from the black beans, the coloring was a bit disconcerting.  (We were joking that this would make great alien-looking food for future Star Trek usage - "Where's Riker, he'll eat it.  He'll eat anything.".)  It came with two small tortillas that had been fried into chip-consistency.  We also then ordered the Argentinian skirt steak, which the waitress had suggested (the steak was pretty good and comes on a bed of marinated tomatoe and onion pieces on top of watercress), a fried chicken pieces dish (it was good, if a bit oily) and a cooked pork dish (which was ok).

While we didn't dislike anything, it all seemed a bit bland, much more bland that I'd expected.  Now that we've tried the place, I'm not sure we'd be inclined to make a return visit.

Just a note - iced tea does not include free refills.  Because they're considered a bar/theatre type environment, each drink must be separately charged.

While we were eating, about every 10 minutes, they'd have dancers performing on the stage - 3 men and 3 women.  They had the same dancers each time, though with different costumes, different dances and different music.  I thought the women were excellent.  The men were just ok, but I'm not sure if that was their talent level or if it was just that they didn't seem to have particularly complicated steps.  The women's dances, costuming and gestures are a bit on the risque (sp?) side, imo, which I didn't mind, but just a caution to parents with small children who might be concerned about that sort of thing.


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