Hidden Goofy at Home

Most Disney fans are familiar with the concept of a "hidden Mickey", where either by design or accident, the familiar shape of three circles, one larger and in the middle and two smaller and slightly above and to the side, is created and reminds one of Mickey.

But whoever heard of a hidden Goofy?

In the late 1990s, I was minding my own business at home.  I was brushing my teeth as usual in the sink area of the master bathroom.  As usual, I was daydreaming or thinking about other things, since teeth brushing isn't exactly taxing on the brain.  My brain got a jolt, though, when I was casually looking at the wall in between the medicine cabinet and the door to the toilet and tub/shower.  Right at my eye-level, in a house that I'd been living in for several years, that I'd started living in prior to my being a regular at the Disneyland Resort and becoming completely entrenched in many things Disney, was Goofy, seemingly running across the wall.  Imagine the looks I got from people, Disney friends and non-Disney friends, when I proceeded later to tell them about my discovery.  "Yeah, right, hidden Goofy, very funny."  "No, really, he's there."  Of course, the ones who actually came to the house and saw it for themselves immediately changed their tune.

I kept meaning to take pictures for others to see.  So courtesy of my husband, here they are.


The section of wall, with running Goofy circled.


A close-up of Goofy.


Goofy's profile outlined.


Imagine that.


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Last updated February 1, 2004.