Knott's Berry Farm - January 25, 2005 trip report

We have APs to Knott's so spent part of Sunday there to get some use out of them and so my husband could go on Silver Bullet. I wasn't going on that ride, so since it was a brand new ride (open for a month or two at this point?), we were expecting a wait, so I'd brought something to read while he waited in line for the ride. Total walk on. I waited for him right outside the ride entrance, and he was gone for a total of about 7 minutes. They had set up plenty of queue space, so he walked through all of that, and when he got to the front, he just walked right on. He liked the ride, but we were both very surprised that there was literally zero wait time on a Sunday. He went on at about 12:30, but when we were in that area again around 5pm, there was still no wait. Granted, it's off season, but still very much a surprise.

We had lunch at Ghost Town Grill, which I like, but you could definitely tell they weren't expecting many people. One section was closed, and the main section was only about half full while we were there.

I managed to go on Montezuma's Revenge for the first time in many years and actually enjoyed it. I really like Ghostrider as well but haven't been able to ride it in about a year or so, so I decided to try that as well. HUGE MISTAKE. I'd heard that it was a rougher ride than before, but I definitely wasn't prepared for exactly how rough it was. I pretty much spent the entire ride trying to minimize the pain it was inflicting on me, and I did not enjoy the ride at all. I'm sad that I won't be able to ride it any more. Guess the only woodie for me is still Colossus.

We went on Jaguar earlier in the day, and I still like that ride. We went on the mine train ride, at my suggestion, and I've apparently forgotten exactly how boring that ride is. I told my husband to remind me how boring I think it is the next time I forget and suggest riding it. The whole time, I was wishing we were on Big Thunder instead. I know, two entirely different kinds of rides. But still.

We went on the train, which I haven't done in quite some time, and that was nice. I generally don't like the "train robbers" who come by, but they were fun this time. We also went on the stagecoach ride, which I've never done before. It was nice, but at some point, I'd like to ride it sitting on top in the front. I think the view would be cool. We were seated inside this time. (Side note: my husband thought it was funny when he overheard another party talking. The mom and a child were further up in our line waiting for the stagecoach. Dad and another kid apparently came back, and Dad said that they'd gone on Silver Bullet twice in the time it took mom and kid to wait for the stagecoach. Because of the low seating capacity of each stagecoach (they were running two), I would figure it would take longer, but we were probably in line for only 15 minutes.

I had wanted to see the ice show, but they weren't running it that day, so I was bummed. I didn't know that was a seasonal thing, so I hadn't checked the schedule beforehand.

We also went on the sky cabin because I hadn't been on it in quite some time and wanted to. I like that they let you stand up and look around. They don't let you stand up at the one at Sea World. The "CM" was talking about the park and the things you could see and for some reason mentioned that the attendance that day was about 7,000 people. Even though we'd noticed that the park had been empty, my husband and I were surprised that the attendance figure was quite that low, not to mention that the "CM" was announcing it. When we were done, and "CM" said good-bye to everyone and was pretty much telling everyone they could just stay on and go again or come back any time.

With Ghostrider no longer being on the list of things I can ride, I'm not sure I'm going to renew this AP when it expires. Maybe I'll just buy a day ticket once or twice a year to accompany my husband.



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