M&Ms Game - 50 Dark Movies, Hidden in a Painting - Instructions, Link to Game and Answer Key

In keeping with the Halloween season, the folks at the M&Ms website have come up with a spiffy, fun, and seriously addictive game. Here are the instructions from the website about the game, with my additional notes:



Each movie title is represented by a visual riddle in the painting. (Note: The visual riddles aren't scary to look at.

Use your mouse to move around the painting.

Use the "Z" and "X" keys, or the "+" and "-" on top to zoom in and out. (Note: The "Z" and "X" keys are easier to use since you don't have to be at the top of the page.)

When you want to make a guess, click the clue and type your answer.

If the box turns green, your answer is correct. If it turns red, it's incorrect or misspelled. (Note: If the answer is incorrect, after it turns red, it will then wait for another answer. If you click it again [because you want to move onto a different clue], the box will go away.)

To pause your game, press the SPACE BAR. (Note: That only really matters because it stops the clock that is keeping track of how long you've been playing the game.)


Here are some other points to keep in mind. The movies are not necessarily horror movies. They use the word "dark", which is a stretch for some of the movies depicted. None of the movies is particularly obscure. The box to enter an answer will only pop up if you click on a spot that requires an answer.

There is a status bar on top that shows you how long you've been playing this game, how many of the movies you've guessed correctly, click keys to zoom in and out, buttons to pause, save and start a new game, and a question mark which brings up the instructions box again.


Here is the link to the game.


The answers listed below are generally in order from the upper left moving right and then down the page from left to right.

Roll your mouse over the clue for which you'd like the answer. The answer will then pop up in a box.


1. group of flying creatures on the left

2. mountain tops

3. Saturn and Jupiter

4. bird in tree

5. mid-mountain

6. building with flame

7. area to the right of building with flame

8. creature to right of mountain

9. entity in tower

10. number on building

11. Grim Reaper

12. man topped by pumpkin

13. "stop", "one", "no", "hotel"

14. man with spyglass

15. ears of corn

16. 10/13 TGIF

17. man in bed

18. wolves

19. group of flying creatures on the right

20. man above fish

21. creature in tree on the left

22. object in tree next to creature

23. sheep

24. knife

25. bone to left of stairs

26. stairs

27. men on stairs

28. green M&M on stairs

29. jack-o-lanterns

30. shredded banner

31. blue M&M with hula hoop

32. people to the left of fish

33. fish

34. primates

35. red M&M

36. woman with 2 kids

37. three people looking a map

38. baby

39. creature in jar

40. entity at bottom left

41. three people holding hands dancing

42. woman with barrel

43. person with lantern

44. person tied up

45. area next to person tied up

46. colored sphere next to/under person tied up

47. candy cane

48. man with basket on head

49. entity at bottom right

50. dark opening at bottom right



These are two movies that I was surprised wasn't in the puzzle, but I used them as stupid guesses when I couldn't figure out an answer.



We figured out most of the answers ourselves. When we were down to about 4, I did a search of horror movie listings and found the remaining titles.


Hope you have/had fun!



Last updated 10/22/2006.


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