Big Fish - movie review (January 3, 2004)

I saw the film over the New Year's holiday, and while I liked it ok, it didn't really do that much for me, and it was definitely the weakest of the four films that I saw in three days.

While the film had some good performances, I didn't really feel anything, and I felt like I was supposed to. The woman sitting next to me sure seemed like she was crying at the end. Maybe the problem is that I found myself kinda in the same position as the son. Sure, the stories were entertaining, and there were kernels of truth in everything, and most times, the father's version was probably more interesting than the real version, but there's also something to be said about having the real versions of things too, no matter how mundane.

I also felt like it was much more of a "guy movie", that guys would relate more to the father/son relationship dynamic. However, in discussing the movie later with two female friends, they disagreed on that point with me.

I'm interested to see if it gets any Oscar nominations.

So at this point, Ewan McGregor grows up to be Alec Guinness and then Albert Finney. Wonder who else he'll be?



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