Black Sheep - movie review (July 1, 2007)

"Black Sheep" - Thanks to Ralph Garman of KROQ talking about it, I had to go see it. It's in very limited release but worth the effort to seek out. It's a comedy/horror film about killer sheep. They were genetically engineered, and then something goes horribly wrong, and they turn into people-eating sheep. And if they bite you but you survive, it gets worse - you turn into a weresheep! The trailer used the phrase "violence of the lambs". It's definitely not for kids or the squeemish (sp?). The film is unrated, and for a very good reason. It would probably receive at least an NC17 for graphic violence and adult situations. And I'll admit to not having watched a number of the scenes because of how graphically violent they were. But I also laughed so much during the film. You come away reciting quite a number of the lines. A definite recommend.


And one of the benefits of seeing an art house film is that you get to see art house trailers.


The movie I really want to see is "Goya's Ghosts". I'd link you to the official site instead, but they've apparently chosen only to make a French-language version, which doesn't work too well if you either don't know French or if your French is rusty. The Natalie Portman-hating crowd will draw and quarter me for mentioning this movie, but the story looks great, and she looks fabulous in this, so I'm excited to see it. Having Milos Forman as the director certainly adds to it, though I'll admit I didn't know he was still alive, much less still directing. The film has already opened elsewhere and is going into limited release in the States starting July 20.


The other movie I'm interested in seeing is "Interview". The poster in the theatre lobby didn't do much for me, but the trailer was actually quite intriguing. The film stars and is directed by Steve Buscemi and co-stars Sienna Miller. Buscemi plays a hard-news reporter/war correspondent, and Miller plays a seemingly vapid starlet. Circumstances come about where the two of them spend quite a bit of time together, and from the trailer, it seems like a very talky movie but also one full of tension and energy nonetheless. The film is going into limited release in the States starting July 13.




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