Eight Below - movie review (April 9, 2006)

The trailer had me about in tears, and sure enough, I was crying through most of the second half of the movie, especially when Jack was left alone and when Jerry finds him later in the story and through several other parts where the dogs got hurt. I just have a hard time dealing with stories of animals being hurt, and in this case, adding to that was not just that they were abandoned to fend for themselves because of circumstances, but because it was entirely the fault of the scientist for being so caught up in his own quest and being entirely stupid and not paying attention to where he was going. Even his actions at the end didn't redeem him in my eyes because there were dire consequences.


Those dogs were just too cute. They manage to do a heck of a lot of acting without any dialogue and without any stupid voice-over. One particular scene made me jump, and it made the whole theatre react. About half a second before it happened, I had a feeling something was going to happen because of the way it was shot, and just as I was coming to that realization, it happened.


I was a bit surprised at the PG rating though. After seeing the film, I was expecting a PG-13. There is a lot of violence, though all animal related. That entire killer whale scene was seriously intense. And there were quite a number of "circle of life" moments. I've heard some criticisms lately about mild language in a PG rated animated film, criticisms that I didn't particularly agree with, but this much violence in a PG rated Disney animal film really surprised me.


Good movie though. I think I want the DVD when it comes out.




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