Live Free or Die Hard - movie review (July 7, 2007) - SPOILERS

Loved the movie. It had all the action and blowing up things that you'd expect - lots of stunt guys were employed by this film.


Loved that John threw the car at the helicopter!


But it also had a lot of humour, which mixes in really well. This is now second in the series for me, only behind the first one. Really liked the sidekick and the slightly different twist on him. Liked that he was a talker but then had to be exposed to everything, and while John was pretty much calmly dealing with everything, he was just freaking out - like you'd expect a normal person to do.


Loved the daughter, especially when the bad guy puts her on the phone with John. You'd normally expect a sappy, heartfelt conversation - but you're reminded that she's her father's daughter when she takes the opportunity to tell him how many guys are actually in the room. Go Lucy!


Two logistical points that kinda bothered me:


When the jet fighter guy was trying to shoot John in the semi, why didn't John call the guy back that he was just talking to and tell him to tell jet fighter guy to back off? And even though jet fighter guy thought was authorized to take out the semi, did that also mean he was authorized to take out bridges and other structures?


Definite recommend.




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