Meet The Robinsons - movie review (March 30, 2007) - SPOILERS

We saw the film in 3D at The El Capitan. The beginning show with the disco light balls and music and the Wilbur and Lewis rubberheads was a bit odd. I loved seeing the short with Chip and Dale and Donald Duck.


I thought the first half of the movie was kinda slow, and some of the jokes were fairly one-note. I also realized that I'd seen the trailer too many times because caffeine-patch lady had almost no effect on me anymore by the time that scene came up in the movie. I thought the tone of the film at the beginning was quite dark, given Lewis' predicament. However, as the film moved along, I found myself caught up in it more, trying to figure out what was going on. And unlike my companions and another friend, I apparently came to the two major revelations quite late in the game. I would have loved to have gotten to know the various members of the Robinsons better. They all kinda went by in a flash, even though they each seemed interesting. I absolutely loved the T-Rex scenes. To date, the large and beanie T-Rex plush are the only merchandise from the film (other than a few pins) that I've purchased. Of course, they don't appear to be marketing at all my favorite character - Goob. I've not seen him on any of the mechandise. A PVC would be good. A plush would be great. A talking doll a la Boo would be perfect. At the El Capitan, they had some "props" and other stuff on display, including a maquette of Goob with the baseball on the ground next to him. I so want that.


Loved the casting of the voice of Wilbur's dad. I didn't recognize his voice during the movie, but I saw his name in the credits. The husband and I laughed a lot about that.


I started to tear up when Lewis ran to his new parents, but I willed myself not to cry because it seemed entirely too contrived. And then the quote came up. And then Walt Disney's name came up. And I lost it.


And some people will read this next comment and entirely dismiss anything else I have to say, but I liked this film more than "The Incredibles" or "Cars". Neither of those films moved me or connected with me. It took a little while into the film to do it, but this one definitely touched me with the message it had. I thought it had a fantastic lesson to teach and philosophy to rely on.


One of my favorite lines: paraphrase of Bowler Hat Guy - "I could accept all the responsibility myself for what's happened to me, or I could blame you. Ding ding ding. I pick you." And I loved the celebration of Lewis' failure to fix the Robinsons' peanut-butter-and-jelly machine.


I want to see the film again.


With regard to the 3D, the entire film is in 3D, but it's not the same kind of gimmicky 3D that you get with the attractions and older 3D films. It's more of a prevailing vision. In the beginning, you'll notice it a lot, but after a while, it just becomes normal. There was only one scene in the T-Rex segment that made me jump because of the 3D, and there's a special 3D bit in the credits.




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