Miracle - movie review (February 8, 2004)

I liked the film a lot. I remember how much I loved "Miracle on Ice", but even though I don't remember it very well, this film brought the same emotion for me. I really liked the beginning, setting up the tone of the times to let you know what the previous few years had been. I thought Kurt Russell did a terrific job, as did the people who portrayed the players. One of the interesting things I learned from an interview Kurt did on Mark and Brian is that they decided to cast hockey players who could be taught to act rather than cast actors and then try to get them to play hockey convincingly. I definitely think that was a good decision. I didn't remember the score of the US/USSR game, so while I knew the US would win, I didn't remember how the win came about, and it was still exciting. I had also forgotten that the USSR game wasn't the final one, but the voice-over and footage of the final game didn't bother me. Even though it wasn't the final one, the USSR game really was the big one.

The only distraction for me was a slight mention in the movie about a possible boycott of the 1980 summer olympics. I had forgotten about that, so I was totally really mad all over again about that and had to get myself back into the movie.

So, I wonder how long it'll be before someone complains somewhere about how it's a "Hollywood ending" because the team won the Gold Medal...


A definite recommend.



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