Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End - movie review (June 8, 2007) - SPOILERS

I thought it was lots better than POTC2, but not nearly as good as POTC. The first half was still kind of confusing and a bit boring, but it picked up in the last half. I agree with some comments about the "how many Jacks can you count" scenes - OK, yeah, kinda funny, but just because you put Johnny Depp in the movie more in this fashion, that doesn't make it a better movie. I loved the whirlpool scenes. There was a lot more humour in this one than the last, which I think helped. I didn't think they were really killing off Will and was trying to figure out how they were going to fix it. I like that Jack kind of saved him by having him stab the heart. Will and Elizabeth saying goodbye to each other made me cry though. I would really like them to stop hiring people who either have accents or who adopt accents where you can barely understand what they're saying. Or at least subtitle it then! Davy Jones was a little bit easier to understand than in POTC2, but Calypso had so many more lines than in the last movie, and she was so hard to understand. So then, let's hire a Chinese actor who constantly struggles with his English!


And one extremely awful CGI shot - when they're first climbing the dead leviathan or whatever that was that I'm forgetting. Oh, look, there are the actors, and that's where they're going to put in the creature. I'm going to blame Digital Domain rather than ILM and hope I'm right.


I still wonder why people have to be told to stay through the credits, but then, that's just me. I really didn't care for the extra scene though. I'm presuming you're supposed to go, awww, how sweet, they have a child together. My reaction was, great, Will gets one day every 10 years, so he has to decide whether to share it with his wife or his child or split it between the two? And this child grows up with effectively no father, or at least one that he unrealistically idolizes?


As for the "10 years of good service and you're released" thing that some people have brought up, it doesn't count if it isn't in the movie.


I might be interested in seeing more in the series, but I think I'm pretty much done with Jack. I didn't care about the Fountain of Youth tease. I'd be interested in seeing more movies that follow Will and his adventures. I find that much more intriguing.




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