Ratatouille - movie review (June 16, 2007) - SPOILERS

I saw the sneak tonight at DTD Anaheim. Overall, I liked the film, and it was quite well received by the audience, with a lot of laughter throughout and applause at the end. I'm seeing it again at the El Capitan on the 29th since we've had those tickets for some time now, but I couldn't resist the sneak. I liked this film a lot better than "The Incredibles" and "Cars", which I know I'll get screamed at for, but neither of those two films did that much for me, even though most everyone else seems to have really liked them.


The biggest problem for me was getting over the rat protagonist and how it plays out in some scenes.


Mickey is one thing - he's not really a rat. But Remy and Emile et al are supposed to be more like real rats, and no matter how much you might feel for Remy, the several scenes of the multitude of rats - when they all come crashing down from the chandelier in the woman's house, when they come pouring out of the stock room in the restaurant, when they're all cooking after the kitchen staff has quit - just really kind of creeped me out, especially in the context of food. The mice in "Cinderella" were one thing - there weren't that many of them, and they were stylized, and they were sewing, not around food. The scenes in this film where there were a ton of rats just reminded me too much of "Willard", which I don't think was what they were going for.


I loved that in the credits, they listed the chefs of Pixar. I also noticed a thank you to Anthony Bourdain, of "Kitchen Confidential" fame.


Regarding the teaser trailer that was originally released, I did think it was interesting that pretty much nothing in the teaser trailer was actually in the film.


I thought it was really interesting that Michael Giacchino did the music for this, but I didn't realize he had also done the music for "The Incredibles", so I guess it makes more sense since both films are done by Brad Bird.


They played a short called "Lifted" before the movie, and I loved it. Oh, and Michael Giacchino did the music for that too.) I loved how it starts and then the twists that it goes through. I think this is my next favorite after "For the Birds". OK, wait, third favorite, because my second favorite is probably "The ChubbChubbs".


Oh, and they showed a teaser for the Pixar film to be released next summer called "Wall-E". OK, so most of the teaser was almost about the continuing development of Pixar, and they only showed a tiny bit of the footage from the movie, but it didn't do anything for me at all. I'd have to see a full trailer to get a better idea.




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