The Pixar Story - movie review (August 26, 2007)

For anyone who's interested, "The Pixar Story" documentary is screening in Old Pasadena for a week. Here's more info.


"The Pixar Story" - I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested at all in Pixar and to anyone else who just likes to see a good documentary about the development of a company. It was really well done, and it had the kind of behind-the-scenes information that I really like when discussing the rise (and sometimes pitfalls) of a developing company. Some of the information is simply amazing. At one particular part, they're talking about a particular segment in a particular film, and it's a segment that always makes me cry, though I know I'm not the only one it has that effect on. I thought they were going to just mention it, but they played quite a bit of the segment, and yep, me, in tears. But I also like one of the later interviews in that segment where you discover that some of the actors doing the voices in the movies were also in tears during that segment when they saw the completed film for the first time.


This is not a film that will be at every local theatre, but it will eventually be shown on TV somewhere, and they do plan a DVD release (apparently with lots of extras that they just couldn't fit into the finished film - I can't wait), so eventually, it will be accessible to everyone. Highly recommended.




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