The Prestige - movie review (November 4, 2006) - SPOILERS

The husband had really been wanting to see this, and the trailer looked interesting. I should have just watched the trailer. I thought the movie was slow and convoluted. The jumping back and forth in time and between stories made the story very choppy, and I found myself often bored and not caring that much about any of the characters. The best thing was actually Scarlett Johansen, who I generally don't like, but she was very good in this. I didn't like the reveal at the end of what really happened. Christian Bale's character explanation was ok but not that interesting, and I really felt cheated with the explanation for Hugh Jackman's character.


I didn't at all buy the cloning machine. I would have liked it a whole lot better if either his story or Christian Bale's story had turned out to actually have a supernatural element - it's not an illusion - it's actually magic.


The next time I want to see Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman, I'll just have a double-feature at home with "Batman Begins" and one of the "X-Men" films.




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