"Ratatouille" at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood - June 29, 2007

Disney's newest animated feature is the Pixar-produced film "Ratatouille", a wonderfully unlikely tale about a rat living in Paris who has exceptional smell and taste and yearns to be a real chef. We love seeing films at the El Capitan, whether it's a new Disney release or a re-release of a Disney classic. We have favorite seats in the VIP section, which includes a reserved seat, a bucket of popcorn (usually with a bucket themed to coincide with the film) and a drink for about $20. Many people don't understand spending that much extra money just to see a movie, but in addition to having a snack during the movie and having a reserved seat without having to get to the theatre extra early to secure good seats, the splendor of the El Capitan Theatre is worth it all. There aren't very many movie theatre palaces around, and it's certainly an experience to see a movie in one. The wonderful decor and look of the El Capitan certainly adds to the viewing experience, and Disney usually includes other extras to the film-going experience, including pre-movie live shows and/or props from the movies.


One of the marquees of the film at the El Capitan Theatre.


A second marquee which includes information about and changing scenes from the live stage show.


Prior to each showing of "Ratatouille" at the El Capitan Theatre, a live stage show is presented. Sometimes, these shows can leave something to be desired, with singers and dancers that aren't all that spectacular, but I haven't enjoyed a stage show at the El Capitan this much in a long time. It was mostly an ensemble performance, and there were Disney characters galore - a perfect combination. Most of the songs were food-related numbers.


A host of "chefs" are joined by Mickey, Goofy and Donald.


Mickey and Goofy are joined by Terk.


Winnie the Pooh makes an appearance.


Mary Poppins at bottom right joins the group.


Mickey and Goofy are the trash can duo in dramatic blue.


Mickey and Goofy joined by the ensemble.




Jesse and Woody join the fun.


Jesse and Woody dance together.


Guests from the audience have been invited onstage to participate.


Mr. and Mrs. Incredible look great in dramatic blue.


Mrs. Incredible strikes a pose as Mr. Incredible walks by.


It's not a rabbit being pulled out of a hat - it's Remy the rat emerging from a cooking pot!


Remy is joined by brother Emile.


Emile flanked by his dancing chefs.


Remy and Emile and the ensemble.


Characters galore for the finale.


Goofy with mom and pop Incredibles.


Mickey, Jesse and Woody.


Disney's character line a la the Rockettes.


At the conclusion of the movie, there were El Capitan employees at the exit doors with a basket of movie buttons, and everyone was able to pick one. They also had some behind the counter at the Studio Store. The Disney Store also had an offer that if you saw the movie during its opening weekend, and you brought your ticket stub to a Disney Store, you could also get one of the buttons (The store advertisements referred to it as a "pin".) These were available at the El Capitan, but not sure how long they're giving them out for.


The full set of "Ratatouille" movie buttons.


After the movie, make sure to stop by the lower level for some additional fun things to see.


This is where the props are usually displayed,
but there are paintings in the case instead
and interspersed throughout the room.


A close-up of the table tops.


One of the paintings in the room.


Remy and Emile atop Paris.


Remy looking into Gasteau's kitchen.


Remy happily creating.


This is my favorite painting.


When you're done with the movie and the lower level, you're still not done yet. Be sure to head over to the Soda Fountain and Studio Store next door.


Decorations above the door from the theatre to the studio store/soda fountain.


Decorations in one of the front windows of the soda fountain.


Decorations in one of the front windows of the studio store.


A corner window display of the studio store.


Lots of movie-related merchandise for sale.


A closer look at the hanging display.


A close-up of the oven display. Notice Remy has been strategically placed.


Even the area behind the cashier counter has been thematically decorated.


A display table has some of the items available for sale.
The kitchen/sewer play sets (two separate sets) are on the far left, the quake game (like mousetrap) is in the middle,
and a motion-activated Remy is on the right.


A better view of the quake game.


A logoed chef's hat is only one of a number of things for sale.


In addition to the normal array of plush and toys and the like for sale, Disney is also offering a higher-end line of themed kitchenware, exclusively for sale at the Studio Store.


The full display of exclusive kitchenware.


A set of four coasters. Price is $25.


A serving plate.


A set of four canape plates with the same designs as the coasters. Price is $30.


A set of three serving dishes.


A cheeseboard and serving dish set. The ceramic dish sits in the open wedge of the cheeseboard. Price is $60.


A three-piece cheese planer/knife set. Price is $30.


A three-tiered serving dish set. Price is $60.


A logoed mug.


You can also decorate the walls of your kitchen.


Unlike the other products offered for sale, the above items are available for pre-order. You go up to the cashier counter and tell them what you want, and they'll place the order for you and ring it up. You pay at the time of purchase. The items are expected to arrive in August, and you can choose to have the items sent to you, or you can pick them up at the Studio Store.

The Soda Fountain generally offers a dessert themed to the El Capitan's new movie release. It has become our tradition to follow up our movie-going with dinner and dessert at the Soda Fountain.


The description of the two themed desserts.


Le Ratatouille sundae. (Note that the free pin you receive with the dessert is a random pin, not one related to the film.)


If you're looking to give yourself a treat, then I highly recommend heading on over to catch a showing of "Ratatouille" at the El Capitan, and following it up with a visit to the Studio Store and the Soda Fountain. "Ratatouille" is showing at the El Capitan through August 2.


A rat using onion rings as hula hoops might not be the best decoration for the ice cream cases.
But at least it's a cute rat!


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