Caravan Coffee Shop/Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas - breakfast - April, 2002

The Caravan Coffee Shop is the 24-hour cafe at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. Breakfast there was decidedly less than one would expect at a major hotel in Las Vegas. Our greeting from the hostess should have been our first clue. Jokingly, she made an off-handed less-than-welcoming remark to our group, which, while it may have been intended to be funny, seemed inappropriate. After we were seated, our waitress came by, and while she was never rude, was fairly surly much of the time. It took quite a while from the time we ordered until the time we got our food, and one of the orders arrived incorrect, and the chocolate milk that was ordered by someone in our group never arrived but still showed up on the check. To her credit, she was very apologetic when we pointed that out to her and immediately had the check revised. The restaurant also has an odd policy of no more than 2 refills for coffee, something I've never seen before. Perhaps it's to discourage people from sitting in the cafe all day playing keno and getting free refills, but I've not seen that policy in any other Las Vegas hotel restaurant I've been to. I don't imagine we'll ever patronize that restaurant again.



An excerpt from the 2002 Las Vegas trip report.


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