Pyramid Cafe/Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas - dinner - April, 2002

The Luxor's 24-hour restaurant is called the Pyramid Cafe and boasts an extensive and impressive menu, with an array of different options so that everyone can find something to their liking. It was about 11pm by the time we were seated, and while the restaurant wasn't packed, it certainly wasn't empty, though I suppose that wasn't too odd given where we were. The food was very good and plentiful.  I had the chicken parmigiana, and while the side of pasta was rather dry, it was the only thing wrong with my meal and there was so much food that I didn't even need to touch it. Our waiter was absolutely great. He was attentive and very helpful when we asked questions, even when it wasn't about the menu items. He was very friendly and stayed to chat with us when he would come over to check on us. He had a wonderful sense of humour and even had a surprise for one of our group after a remark she made about the show we'd seen that night. I highly recommend this restaurant. The only cautionary note is that our waiter mentioned that some of the items on the menu are no longer available (including a few of the desserts), but he couldn't remember what exactly they were.



An excerpt from the 2002 Las Vegas trip report.


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