meet - July 17, 2003

The Disney-related website has been holding meets on Disneyland's birthday for several years now, but this year, the meet was going to be even more special. Attendance at LP's meets had outgrown the capacity of several meeting places, so this year, the meet was held in the corporate events venue where Big Thunder Barbeque was previously located. A nominal admission was charged to cover the costs of the event, and goodies were included.

We attended with another couple and joined the line of people waiting to get into the venue. We checked in and were given a button celebrating Disneyland's birthday (with a special surprise) as well as a button commemorating the meet.


Welcome to the party.


The check-in table.


A special birthday button for everyone.


Specially autographed, even.


LP meet button.


We found a seat at one of the picnic tables and just enjoyed being able to be in that area again. All of us were big fans of Big Thunder Barbeque and had been very sad when it had been closed. We also enjoyed saying hello to various people that we knew and catching up with friends.

Punch and water were provided, and there was candy and party favors strewn on the table. Disneyland Ambassador Daina Baker was in attendance, and she made a few remarks to the group. She then introduced Mickey Mouse himself, who was joined by Pat E. Cake (from the Plaza Inn birthday celebration) to show off the birthday cakes. There was one bigger birthday cake for all to share and then little birthday cakes so that everyone could have their own. The smaller cakes were nicely decorated with the logos of the various lands in Disneyland and were incredibly cute.


Disneyland Ambassador Daina Baker.


Mickey and Pat E. Cake.


A cast member holds the birthday cake.


Mickey and Pat E. Cake during the celebration.


The big birthday cake.



Two of the little cake designs.



Two more lands represented.



And two more.



The last two lands.


Happy Birthday!


A side view of one of the little cakes.


There were a few announcements and some other party games, and everyone had a good time. When it was time to leave, there was a parting gift, a cool LP pin. Thanks, Dave!


LP pin.


Mickey having twice as much fun at the LP meet!


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