Olszewski Disneyland miniatures - January 15, 2012

The Disneyana Fan Club had their twice-yearly Show and Sale on Sunday, and for the first time, Olszewski Studios was in attendance at their own booth rather than as a guest of a retailer. The set-up looked very similar, though, as there were many Gallery of Light and pokitpals pieces available for perusal, and the Disneyland Fantasyland platform was also on display.


The display at the Olszewski Studios booth.


The Disneyland Fantasyland platform.


Part of the Disneyland Fantasyland platform, all lit up.


A closer look at the lit mockup of the King Arthur Carrousel.


The Disneyland Fantasyland platform, under a cover, to show the lighting, with focus on the castle.


The Disneyland Fantasyland platform, under a cover, to show the lighting, with focus on the carrousel.


Bob Olszewski was available to sign pieces for collectors, and there was a steady line of people waiting to see him.


Bob Olszewski talking to collectors.


The next Disneyland miniatures release is the last set of floats for the Main Street Electrical Parade. The original release date had been anticipated to be March but it's been pushed back to July. The next release after that is the Storybookland/Casey Junior piece, which had originally been planned for July, but that has been pushed back to Fall or late 2012. The next release event at Disneyland will actually be in March 2012, but that will be discussed further in the Walt Disney World miniatures section of this update.

For those looking to complete their collections of Main Street buildings and/or Disneyland attractions, many re-releases are scheduled over the next several months, and the release schedule has been updated with information from Olszewski Studios.

The long-awaited character/vehicle packs are expected to make their debut in July, and Olszewski Studios has come up with a new concept of how to display them. Each pack will come with a little backdrop appropriate to the pieces being released together, so that you can make a little separate vignette out of each pack, or you can use the characters/vehicles on the platform. There is also planned to be a separate holiday pack that covers the occasions of Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas which will include bunting for the buildings, decorations (including Mickey wreaths) that hang across Main Street, decorations to be attached to the Main Street lamp posts, decorations for the front turnstiles, and my favorite part, the Mickey pumpkin in Town Square. The holiday pack is expected to be released in December 2012.

The Disneyland Fantasyland platform is set to be priced at $395. Olszewski Studios was taking priority requests from those who attended the Disneyana Show and Sale, and then general orders will be taken starting in February 2012 with an expected delivery date of May 2012.

Olszewski Studios is working on a few ideas for the next Disneyland nostalgia miniature piece, which won't be released until 2013. And since the last set of Main Street Electrical Parade floats is coming out this year, Olszewski Studios is looking at the possibility of releasing floats from A Christmas Fantasy, Disneyland's holiday parade, in the future.

On a related noted, Travis from Olszewski Studios mentioned that the C.K. Holliday train will be released at Disneyland in May or June and is being designed by Lowell Smith. The Holliday will be N scale, like the Ripley, so it will fit on the train that surrounds the Main Street platform.


For the Walt Disney World miniatures collection, the next piece to be released is the Nautilus submarine nostalgia piece from the attraction based on the film "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". The piece will be released at the Magic Kingdom in March 2012, but the release event itself will be held at Disneyland.


The removable Nautilus can be opened, to show the seating configuration inside.


The next WDW pieces, scheduled for Summer 2012, will be Ice Cream Corner ($295) and Casey's Corner ($345). After that, the first section of the moat at the upper end of Main Street and the Pirates of the Caribbean were both scheduled for Fall 2012 but they will likely be pushed back. The Magic Kingdom Main Street platform is expected to be available for order in Summer 2012.


The Magic Kingdom marquee, lit up.


For the Disney Cruise Line releases, the miniature of the Disney Dream (available exclusively on the ship) was released in December 2011 for $195. For the newest ship in the fleet, the Fantasy, Olszewski Studios has created two versions to be released. The first is a limited edition of 100 which will be available on the Fantasy's maiden voyage, which runs from March 31 to April 7, 2012. The limited edition version will sell for $250 and is only available to those sailing on the Fantasy's maiden voyage and will be available through a Random Selection Process for those interested in purchasing the piece as well as other merchandise items created exclusively for the maiden voyage of the Fantasy. A regular version of the Fantasy miniature (without the maiden voyage plaque designation) will be available on subsequent sailings of the ship at a price of $195.


Upcoming Gallery of Light pieces include the Fireside Romance scene from "Beauty and the Beast", set for release in May 2012, and the Evil Queen with mirror scene from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", set for release in June 2012.


Fireside Romance, with flash to show the details.


Fireside Romance, without flash.


Evil Queen and mirror, with flash to show the details.


Evil Queen and mirror, without flash.
There's a rotating light that shines on the mirror, with changing colors of red, blue and green.
This picture shows the red phase. The changing light looks great.


In the pokitpals collection, the pieces for Cinderella Castle and Belle have been released. Ursula and Ariel will be released in April 2012, and Central Plaza for both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom will be released in Summer 2012. New pokitpals for Goofy, the Cheshire Cat and Captain Hook are expected in April 2012.


The Enchanted Tiki Room paper clip box is expected to be released in May 2012.


We'll be at the March release of the Nautilus at Disneyland, so we'll see you there!





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