Olszewski Disneyland miniatures - February 18, 2006

There have been many changes in the release schedule of upcoming pieces. Haunted Mansion was originally supposed to be released in May (Disneyana last week even had a sign indicating a May 20 release date.), but the release date is now tentatively planned for June 10. A Main Street character/cast member pack is also scheduled for release the same day as Haunted Mansion. The completed Haunted Mansion miniature is currently on display in Disneyana, and it is certainly spectacular, especially when lit up.


The front view of the Haunted Mansion. The filigree on the second level is amazing.


The side view of the Haunted Mansion.


The Haunted Mansion with a cast member at the entrance.
The cast member will be available as part of the New Orleans Square character/cast member pack.


The graveyard insert.


The ballroom insert. The table does not, however, include the hidden Mickey made of plates.


The portrait hallway insert. The portraits are the "scary" versions.


Without any inserts, the scene is the portrait hallway with the "normal" versions.
The turret can be moved up or down, allowing a view of the expanding portraits in the stretch room
as well as of the hanging man.


The collection of inserts as well as the back panel of the mansion that has been removed.


The sign that was out February 5.


The sign that's currently out.


The sign that was out February 5. The current sign omits the language about the host
as the host is no longer displayed with the piece.


Pirates was originally planned to be released in July, but they don't want two pieces released that close together (they have gotten feedback that too many pieces released too close together make it much too cost prohibitive), so the release may be pushed back to August or even later in the summer. The top portion of the Pirates piece will be the Disney Gallery, but it will not be the Disney Gallery as it exists today. Rather, it will be the Disney Gallery as it was originally intended to be Walt's second apartment, a larger version of the apartment on Main Street. Original drawings and concept sketches are being used to create the apartment as intended. The plan is to have a removable roof that exposes the apartment inside (much like with the City Hall piece which exposes the apartment there).

The release of the Disney Clothiers building and the Photo Corner has been pushed back to fall 2006, and it is expected that they will be released together.


The Clothiers building includes Center Street.


The Market House building includes the baby care center and first aid.


A closer view of the back section of the Market House building.


Two paper mockups were also available to see. One was of Plaza Inn, and the other was of Plaza Pavilion.


The front view of Plaza Inn.


A side view of Plaza Inn.


The Plaza Pavilion piece will also incorporate three other sections behind it. One section will be the Tiki Room, and it has been planned for the Tiki Room to include a removable roof so that the birds inside can be seen. The far right section will represent Aladdin's Oasis as it is today, but the middle section will represent the Tahitian Terrace. A mixture of all those elements seems a bit odd to me, but we'll see how it all turns out.


The front view of Plaza Pavilion.


A view of the back of the Plaza Pavilion. The layout for the three sections can be seen in the pencil drawings.


The platform also included picture representations of two other pieces in the Main Street collection.


The layout for Triton's Garden and Snow White's Wishing Well.


The layout for Carnation Plaza.


The Main Street platform is intended to house all the pieces in the Main Street collection as well as the Astro Orbiter. There are tentative plans to make the Main Street platform so that the last 7 or 8 inches (past the Triton's Garden area) are removable and that a Fantasyland platform can be added. Since the castle serves as part of Main Street as well as Fantasyland, they didn't want people to have to buy two castles, one to go with each land, so with the Fantasyland platform extension, one castle can be used to bridge both lands.

With regard to the Dumbo piece, they are hoping to be able to include a mechanism that allows the Dumbo vehicles to rotate. They had considered doing that for the teacups, but the amount of mechanics needed for that would have made the base too large.

Since a Matterhorn piece has already been commissioned, they are hoping to be able to also make sky buckets (the original round versions) that would go through the Matterhorn. It is unknown whether the sky buckets would include any movement or whether they would be static.

There has been talk of perhaps also adding a monorail to the collection.


The Olszewski Studios website has been put up, but it's still under construction and is supposed to be fully up and running on March 1, 2006. Here's the link.


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