Olszewski Disneyland miniatures - September 17, 2005

As reflected in the updated release schedule, the Astro Orbiter commemorative piece will be released in February 2006. The sample piece that was on display differs from the piece that will be released in that the display piece has people in the ride vehicles. The actual piece won't have people in it. There may eventually be a guest character pack for the attraction. I have to admit that I wasn't excited when I initially heard that the Astro Orbiter was going to be a commemorative piece since the ride isn't one of my favorites, but the piece is absolutely spectacular, especially with all the subtle details. I think I actually like the miniature piece better than the attraction itself.


Top side view of the Astro Orbiter.


Top view of the Astro Orbiter.


Front view of the Astro Orbiter, including the Tomorrowland sign.


The Mark Twain commemorative piece was originally scheduled to be released in December of 2005, but some production problems arose that necessitated moving the release date to February 2006. The Twain is shown with its 50th adornments, as Disney's instructions were that each piece would reflect the attraction/object at the time that the miniature was created.


Side view of the Mark Twain.


A more encompassing view of the Mark Twain.


The Carnation Cafe to Penny Arcade piece also has its own great details, including a glimpse inside the Penny Arcade itself.


Front of the Carnation Cafe/Penny Arcade piece.


Top view of the Carnation Cafe section.


Closeup of the Penny Arcade section, with Esmeralda prominently in front.


The Candy Shop/Refreshment Corner piece is also quite nice, and it even includes a Refreshment Corner piano and piano player.


The front of the Candy Shop/Refreshment Corner piece.


A side view of Refreshment Corner, where the piano and piano player can be seen.


A top view of the Refreshment Corner patio, with piano and piano player also visible.


The Pirates of the Caribbean piece is being released in July in conjunction with the release of the second film based on the popular attraction. Like the Haunted Mansion piece, Pirates will have three pull-out scenes: 1) the firefight between the ship and the fort; 2) a combination scene of the Mayor being dunked and the wench auction; and 3) the jail scene with the dog holding the key.


The paper mockup of the Pirates piece.


The Olszewski Studios have also been commissioned to produce pieces for five more attractions. No release dates are yet available, but the tentative release order of the five pieces are Peter Pan, Matterhorn, Tiki Room, Splash Mountain and Dumbo.

The Main Street collection is expected to be completed by the end of 2007.

The Disney Gallery website has information and pictures about previous pieces in the collection. Here's the link. You can also find information about new and upcoming releases by clicking on the corresponding links at the top of the page. Note that the "new releases" and "upcoming releases" links generally don't appear at the same but rather, alternate depending on whether a piece has been recently released or will be released shortly.


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