Olszewski Disneyland miniatures - November 12, 2011

PREFACE: Please note that the pictures included in this report are temporary and are what I posted to my Twitter account at the time of the event. More detailed and better resolution pictures will be added when they are available, probably in about 2 weeks. Circumstances beyond our control prohibit them from being included at this time. I'll update the link to indicate that pictures have been added, so check back if you're interested. Thanks.
NOTE: Additional/changed pictures added January 15, 2012.



In conjunction with the new exhibit in the Disney Gallery called "All Aboard ... A Grand Circle Tour of the Trains of Disney", there was a merchandise release on the opening day of the exhibit on November 12, 2011.



After entering the turnstiles at park opening, I headed to the Disney Gallery, where a line had already formed at the entrance.


Merchandise release event in conjunction with the new Disney Gallery train exhibit.


The front of the Disney Gallery and people in line for the merchandise release event.


The line extended pretty far back before the merchandise release event opened.


A closer look at the banner announcing the new Disney Gallery exhibit.


I joined the line, and guests were allowed into the Gallery starting at about 8:30, in controlled groups so that the Gallery didn't get overcrowded. When I made it inside, I looked around at some of the other merchandise available, but I was really there just to get the Olszewski Gallery of Light pieces of the Main Street Train Station at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. All of the merchandise was available to preview in the front room of the Disney Gallery, where the cash registers were as well. I got in line at a register and when I got to the front, there was a bit of a delay because they hadn't entirely planned well to make the check-out process the most efficient. But the CMs were very pleasant and doing the best they could with what they'd been given, so the checkout process didn't take too long. After making my purchases, I got in line in the middle room as the merchandise was in the back room, and there were CMs there to gather your purchases together for you. That process was the same as they'd done for a previous release at the Disney Gallery.

Many (but not all) of the artists who had product releases that day were on hand to sign their merchandise. All of the artists were set up at separate small tables in the front room of the Opera House next door, and you entered through a small door in the front and were then directed to the appropriate line for whichever artist you were waiting for. Bob Olszewski was at a table towards the back, and I waited behind a couple people before I had the opportunity to speak to him and to have him sign my purchases. In the time I was there, he had a steady stream of collectors waiting to see him.


Bob Olszewski at his signing table.


The Disneyland Fantasyland platform base was originally scheduled to be available in Fall 2011, but after the platform was available for collectors to see at the D23 Expo in August, Olszewski Studios made some changes and adjustments based on the comments they received, so the platform is now scheduled to be available for order sometime in December for delivery in March or April of 2012. The price range of the platform has also been adjusted and is now expected to be between $395 and $425.

Regarding the much-anticipated character and vehicle packs, Olszewski Studios hopes to have the first set available in Spring 2012, and there will be re-issues and new releases of the characters and vehicles as well. Olszewski Studios will also have a way to display the characters and vehicles even for those that aren't collecting the Main Street buildings.


For the Walt Disney World miniatures, the next release is expected to be the Magic Kingdom Nautilus submarine nostalgia piece, which was originally scheduled for release in November/December 2011 but has now been pushed back to March 2012.

The Haunted Mansion from the Magic Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom marquee, which were released September 30 and October 1, respectively, are available at the Magic Kingdom and through their mail order phone number (877-560-6477). The items are not currently available for sale online.

The Magic Kingdom Main Street platform has also been pushed back and is now expected to be available sometime in 2012. Olszewski Studios is first putting its efforts into finishing the Disneyland Fantasyland platform.


As I was waiting to have Bob Olszewski sign my purchases at the train exhibit merchandise release, I unboxed the two Gallery of Light pieces so that they'd be ready for him and so I could check to make sure that I had indeed received one of each. I checked the plaques on the back but was confused as to what I saw. I then discovered that the plaque for the Magic Kingdom train station had been incorrectly made, identifying it as the Disneyland train station. The Magic Kingdom train station Gallery of Light piece sold out at the merchandise release event. They expected to shortly get more in stock, but at the time of the event, it was unclear if they'd be able to sell that stock because of the error on the plaque or if they'd have to wait until new pieces came out with the corrected plaque.


Olszewski Studios Disneyland Main Street train station Gallery of Light, with flash.


Olszewski Studios Disneyland Main Street train station Gallery of Light, without flash.


The plaque on the back of the Olszewski Studios Disneyland Main Street train station Gallery of Light.


Olszewski Studios Magic Kingdom Main Street train station Gallery of Light, with flash.


Olszewski Studios Magic Kingdom Main Street train station Gallery of Light, without flash.


The plaque on the back of the Olszewski Studios Magic Kingdom Main Street train station Gallery of Light.
The item ID number is correct even though the piece is mis-identified as Disneyland.


The Olszewski Studios Gallery of Light pieces for Talk to Crush and Captain Nemo are both in stock at Disneyana. The piece for "Beauty and the Beast" (fireside romance) was originally scheduled for November and the Evil Queen from "Snow White" was scheduled for December, but both have been pushed back to 2012, likely in the Spring.


The Haunted Mansion paperclip box that was originally released at the Magic Kingdom is now in stock at Disneyana. The paperclip box for Sleeping Beauty Castle is currently in stock at Disneyland The paperclip box for the Tiki Room was originally due in November, but it's been pushed back to Spring 2012.


The PeopleMover and Hall of Presidents pokitpals originally released at the Magic Kingdom are currently in stock at Disneyana. The Cinderella Castle and Belle pokitpals were originally scheduled for release in September but were delayed. They're expected to be available in stores in early December. The pokitpals of Central Plaza at Disneyland, Central Plaza at the Magic Kingdom, Ursula and Ariel were all originally due in November, but they've been pushed back to Spring 2012


After the signing event officially ended at 11am, they closed up the Disney Gallery for about an hour and a half and re-opened the Gallery at about 12:30pm. At that time, guests could enter to purchase what remained of the merchandise released that morning as well as being able to see the exhibit itself. I had been told that the Disneyland Main Street platform was on display in the Gallery, and that the display contained a hidden surprise. If you look carefully, you never know what might be in the process of being transported backstage on a flatbed truck.


Hmmm, that looks familiar.


Main Street platform in the Disney Gallery.


Can you find the Nautilus?


Olszewski Studios has been present at the semi-annual Disneyana Fan Club Show and Sale for quite some time now, but since they've usually been with Deckers Fine Gifts collectible shop, and Deckers will no longer be at the show, it had been unclear whether Olszewski Studios would continue to attend. They have now confirmed that they will be at the next Disneyana Show and Sale to be held on January 15, 2012. They will have their own booth, so collectors can bring any Olszewski Studios items for Bob Olszewski to sign, though there is a limit of 3 pieces to be signed per collector per signing session. They expect to have 3 signing sessions that day, from 9:30am to 11:30am, from 1pm to 2:30pm, and from 3:30pm to 5pm. If you purchase or receive an Olszewski Studios item for the holidays, this is a great opportunity to get those pieces signed by Bob Olszewski.


Olszewski Studios previously had a mockup of the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction for preview, but the piece is currently undergoing further development so won't be available at the Disneyana Show and Sale. Olszewski Studios is hoping to have the revised Disneyland Fantasyland platform to show.


We'll be at the Disneyana Show and Sale in January, so we'll see you there!





This picture has no connection to Olszewski Studios or any of their releases - I just liked seeing the Christmas tree up in Town Square at Disneyland.


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