Le Cafe Ile St. Louis/Paris Resort in Las Vegas - lunch - March, 2003

The Paris resort is one of my favorite casinos because I absolutely love the decor inside.  The Paris resort has a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower, and the legs of the Tower come straight through and into the casino.  We'd decided to have lunch at Le Cafe Ile St.Louis, but with a slight mixup, we ended up getting there before some of the other group, but one of the people ended up having some good bit of luck while waiting for us, so all turned out well.  The restaurant has a good selection of foods available, and among the entrees ordered by everyone at our table, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner all covered.  Many of us commented that we wanted to return to this restaurant as there were so many things that sounded good to try.  Because I wasn't feeling particularly well, I decided to have the ramen noodle soup, which was very good, with a very tasty broth.  Our waiter was very good, and he was very excited about what several people ordered because he had recommended dishes to them, and his recommendations were dead on.  It's great to encounter a waiter who knows his menu so well that he knows what to recommend and what he recommends is really good.



An excerpt from the 2003 Las Vegas trip report.


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