Quark's/Hilton in Las Vegas - dinner - March, 2003

For no reason in particular, we had normally spent Monday mornings at the Hilton, but on our last trip, we had decided that we wanted to spend a bit more time there and have dinner at Quark's, the Star Trek-themed restaurant.  We arrived right on time for our 7:30 reservation and were seated towards the back of the restaurant.  The restaurant and shopping area are supposed to be representative of the Promenade from the TV show "Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine".  In one section of the restaurant, there is actually a big screen that shows various Star Trek episodes.  The menu at the restaurant boasted pretty normal food but with funny and related names for Star Trek fans.  We noticed that the drinks menu must have been recently updated because one of the drinks was named after T'Pol, the Vulcan in the current television show "Enterprise".  I had a grilled chicken dish, which was very good, and my husband had the filet mignon.  I had a taste, and the flavor and texture was incredible.  Two of the people at the table also each ordered a mini-warp core breach, which is a mixture of a whole bunch of alcohol.  Star Trek Geek Moment here:  while the mini-warp core breach looked great, it's actually misnamed.  The drink is served in a round bowl that sits on a metal device that makes the entire thing look like a planet with rings.  There is some dry ice in the drink itself to make it smoke, which I guess is where the warp core breach is supposed to apply.  Very pretty and cool, but on the whole, that's not a warp core breach.  (The regular warp core breach looks the same, just bigger because it serves two.)


mini-warp core breach


OK, end of Star Trek Geek Moment.

Dessert looked and sounded really good, and I had every intention of trying Deanna Troi's chocolate dessert, but when I finished my dinner, there was no way I was going to be able to have dessert.  Some of the people at our table weren't entirely happy with their food, but the most disappointing part was that the service wasn't very good at all.  The restaurant was only about half full, and it still took a while for us to get our appetizers and main courses, and the waiter didn't come back to check on us much.  We're usually very good tippers, but we didn't tip quite as much as we usually do.

During the course of dinner, there are various "characters" who wander around the restaurant.  A Ferengi came by to visit with us, commenting on the fact that we women were clothed, and when I later remarked to him that he had nice lobes, he said that "flattery will get you a discount" as he rubbed the bar of latinum that hung around his neck.  Star Trek fans will completely understand the significance of that last sentence.  I was very impressed that the Ferengi was well-versed enough in his culture to be able to react appropriately to my comment.  I would recommend the restaurant for Star Trek fans just for the novelty value, but with the less-than-stellar service we received, it would be hard for me to give this a definite recommend for anyone else.  However, I'd be willing to give it another chance at some point.


An excerpt from the 2003 Las Vegas trip report.


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