Sherwood Forest Cafe/Excalibur in Las Vegas - lunch - March, 2003

The last stop in our coffee shop tour, the Sherwood Forest Cafe was unfortunately the worst of all the ones we'd been to.  When we were led to our table, we discovered that they were trying to fit seven of us at a round table that could at most comfortably seat five.  When we objected as they were dragging over additional chairs that the table was too small for us (I doubt we would have all been able to scoot our chairs in), they had us go back outside to wait while they made further preparations.  We discovered what that meant was that they just dragged over another round table next to the first round table so that we were sitting at a figure eight.  The round tables were those that started out as square tables but had extra flaps on each side that flipped up to make it circular.  A few of the people put down one flap on each table (and we discovered that they hadn't done that in a VERY LONG TIME and wondered whether they even knew it was possible) and then we pushed the tables together on the flat sides so we could have a more manageable table.  The food and service were ok, but not much more than you'd expect from a coffee shop.  While it wasn't nearly as bad as the experience we'd had at the Sahara's coffee shop the previous year, I don't envision us going back to this restaurant, even though it does have a very cool name.



An excerpt from the 2003 Las Vegas trip report.


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